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Snow day became successful work on cosplay day. Got super motivated by the ECCC Carol Corps party release, though I didn’t work on my Captain Marvel outfit. I did, however, cut out most of my armor for Sif. I still have to figure it how to make the top piece of the corset and finish the outline for get shield, but I ran out of foam. Next step is to gesso and form the foam too prep for painting. I also rewatched Thor to get a better idea of the movement involved with her skirt. Mostly done with that now, I’m using a cheerleader pattern as a pattern and it works better than it has any right to. Done with snow. Is it March yet?




Sexy Founding Father Pin-Ups

suddenly history just got interesting 

“Goddammit, Adams!  I said a COME HITHER look!  Not a GO TO HELL look!  You’re ruining everything!”

And now I’m seeing the cast of 1776 and adding musical numbers to these.

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Marvel Reveals Upcoming Movies: ‘Doctor Strange’ Confirmed Plus ‘Blade’ Reboot and More!


mainly blogging for that Dr. Strange picture because /swoooooon/  Also Black Panther and Iron Fist movies in the works? Oh please please be part of phase 3 (with Captain Marvel too darn it)

I need this in my life.  Also, Marvel, I’ll sell you what’s left of my soul for a Captain Marvel movie.

Comic Books vs. Bank Account

Hint, the comics won.  

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna get hardcore into the comics thing and then,  because I have no impulse control.  I totally did.  And now people go to the shop and call me when there’s a sale because they know I’ll want to own things but can’t be bothered to get off my butt and go myself.

"I’ll just buy the Loki things," I promised.  But Hawkguy is super good.  And I love Captain Marvel.  And suddenly Young Avengers.  And Valkyrie.  And Black Widow.  And random Namor.

So today I have spent around $100 on comics without leaving the comfort of my office.  Considering they’re selling hardcovers (some around $40 each) for $10 at Newbury Comics… I can’t say no.


Marvel Cinematic Universe: 10-Disc Phase One Collection, finally released out on April 2 (x).


My original pre-order from Amazon still stands.  I am so excited for this waste of my disposable income, I cannot even tell you.

Who needs a b-day present for me?

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