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It was my world

Today has been one of the most difficult days of that I can remember. I have given everything I have: all of my passion, all of my ideas, every available minute time. I don’t get paid vacation time, yet I have taken weeks off of work, to promote and support an organisation which I loved for nothing- negative compensation if anything, since I had to pay for things like gas and hotel rooms. If they needed a volunteer, I dropped everything to make sure it happened. I have shown up to every event, to make sure I was there so I could connect with our staff and be a visible presence not some distant figurehead they only saw lecturing at meetings. I have cleaned and scraped, argued and promoted, advocated for those who don’t have a voice and been reprimanded for speaking my mind. And for what? To be fired because I cared too much.

Even though no one will see this, I challenge you:  when was the last time you sat down and had hours of conversation with a 2nd year staffer about their ideas, what they thought, and what they wanted to achieve? When was the last time you answered questions for a panicking first year trying to weave their way through what we all take for granted? Have you even spoken to an attendee?  Asked what they like about the con, what they looked forward to? And the more difficult question of what they didn’t like?  Have you encouraged them even if their cosplay was poorly hemmed?  Gone into the bathroom and talked somebody down and told them that the con could still be awesome even though their friends abandoned them?

Never will be the answer for many of you.  Some of you it will be last week and I thank you and wish you luck in the future. Please, keep fighting that fight.   I’m not perfect.  I know that.  I’m a bitch and I don’t back down.  I don’t play politics.  If you have my respect, it’s because you’ve earned it.  It makes no difference to me if you are con chair, a brand new security staffer or a famous voice actor: you start out the same to me.  What you see, with me is what you get.  I don’t pull punches, but I also don’t talk about you behind your back.  If say something, it is always something I will say to your face.

The system as it exists, is corrupt and promotes cronyism.  The very thing you were fearing when you made the by-laws has come to pass.  Congratulations.  You win.  You have your perfect circle jerk that you’ve wanted since middle school. I gave you everything and you gave me nothing.

I think I’m most sorry for the little guys.  You’ve lost your advocate.  And tonight, I cry for you.

Snow day became successful work on cosplay day. Got super motivated by the ECCC Carol Corps party release, though I didn’t work on my Captain Marvel outfit. I did, however, cut out most of my armor for Sif. I still have to figure it how to make the top piece of the corset and finish the outline for get shield, but I ran out of foam. Next step is to gesso and form the foam too prep for painting. I also rewatched Thor to get a better idea of the movement involved with her skirt. Mostly done with that now, I’m using a cheerleader pattern as a pattern and it works better than it has any right to. Done with snow. Is it March yet?




Sexy Founding Father Pin-Ups

suddenly history just got interesting 

“Goddammit, Adams!  I said a COME HITHER look!  Not a GO TO HELL look!  You’re ruining everything!”

And now I’m seeing the cast of 1776 and adding musical numbers to these.

(Source: publius-esquire)

Marvel Reveals Upcoming Movies: ‘Doctor Strange’ Confirmed Plus ‘Blade’ Reboot and More!


mainly blogging for that Dr. Strange picture because /swoooooon/  Also Black Panther and Iron Fist movies in the works? Oh please please be part of phase 3 (with Captain Marvel too darn it)

I need this in my life.  Also, Marvel, I’ll sell you what’s left of my soul for a Captain Marvel movie.

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